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Recreation Grounds

The Parish Council owns three recreation Grounds and a Country Park. The Lower Dicker recreation ground includes a children's play area and is the home to Hellingly Lions Cycle Speedway Club. The Lower Horsebridge Recreation ground has a children's play area and has facilities for bowls, rugby and cricket. Hellingly Country Park (Roebuck Park), a public open space on the former Hellingly Hospital site. The Park includes, children's play facilities, a cricket pitch and pavilion, also ponds and woodland walks.

Fishing: Please be advised that for the Ponds at Hellingly Country Park, a fishing licence is required. You may obtain a licence from the Post Office.

Open Fishing season is from 16th June to 14th March every year

Closed season is from 15th.March to 15th. June every year

The Council also owns Peake Gardens, a piece of land on the A271 in Horsebridge, now maintained and used by Hellingly Scouts.

The Council has Byelaws in respect of the use of the Lower Horsebridge Recreation Ground, the Lower Dicker Recreation Ground and Hellingly Country Park. A summary of the Byelaws can be found here, or a full version can be found here.

Recreation Grounds Health and Safety Inspections and Reports are below:
- 2019 Country Park (Roebuck Park) Ball Sports Area
- 2019 Country Park (Roebuck Park) Junior Play Area
- 2019 Country Park (Roebuck Park) Senior Play Area
- 2019 Country Park (Roebuck Park) Toddlers Play Area
- 2019 Lower Horsebridge Recreation Ground
- 2019 Lower Dicker Recreation Ground