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About the Parish

The Parish Council provides a Village Hall (now home to Hellingly Preschool Group), Cemetery, Recreation Grounds (Lower Horsebridge, Lower Dicker and the Country Park),  Union Corner Allotments, Roebuck Park Allotments and the amazing new Community Hub. Many activities already being held at the new Hub and many more to come. For more information on these activities see the latest news at the bottom of this page. To see the activities currently taking place at the Hub, please click WHATS-ON or visit our Facebook page for the council or our Facebook page for the Community Hub. The Council provides the Chairman and strong support for the Cuckmere Flood Forum. It administers the Millennium Arboretum on the Cuckoo Trail. 

It is also consulted on Planning matters where it gives the local view. The Parish Council meets at 7.30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month, except August, when there is usually no Parish Council Meeting. Committee meetings generally commence at 7 p.m. See Committees document for more information on the committees, and use the link below to view the forthcoming committee meetings.

2022/23 Meetings Timetable

2021/22 Financial Year End Documents:

- Annual Governance and Accountability Return Form
- Bank Reconciliation Proforma
- Reconciliation-between-Box-7-and-Box-8-proforma
- Confirmation-of-the-dates-of-the-period-for-the-exercise-of-public-rights
- Explanation-of-Variances
- Asset Register
- Internal Auditors Report

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