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The allotment gardens are situated at Union Corner close to the junction of Hawks Road with Upper Horsebridge Road and Roebuck Park to the left of the cricket pitch in the Country Park.

Rents are due annually in January (Union Corner) & March (Roebuck Park) but plots may be taken at any time of the year if available. Plot rents are kept deliberately low in order to encourage the use of this facility.

If you are interested in putting your name on the waiting list, please contact the Allotments Supervisor, Tina Jenner (Union Corner) on 01323 840982 or and the Tracy Dean, Deputy Clerk for the allotments at Roebuck Park.

Union Corner Allotments

The Union Corner Allotment garden has nearly 100 allotments. All plots are currently let and there is a waiting list. The allotment holders are required to follow the Allotment Regulations which are set by the Council and reviewed annually in September each year. Charges for the allotments are required to be set a year in advance. The Regulations can be found here.

Roebuck Park Allotments

These are located in the Country Park to the left of the Cricket Pitch and there is 25 plots.