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Neighbourhood Plan - Public Hearing

UPDATE - February 2020

There will be a Public Hearing by the Independent Examiner on Tuesday 18th February at Hellingly Village Hall starting at 10 am. Please come along. If you would like to see the Agenda please click here.

For all Public Hearing Documents, please click below:
1. 14 Hellingly NP - Response to Examiner Questions FINAL
2. Hellingly Neighbourhood Plan Reps - Appendix 1 - Effect of Local Plan Withdrawal
3. Notes for Hellingly hearing
4. WDC Written Submission for Hearing. 13th February 2020

UPDATE - January 2020

Following the publication of the Local Plan Inspector’s Stage 1 letter just before Christmas, the examination of the neighbourhood plan is proceeding and you can read the Additional Comments of the Independent Examiner (click here) which sets out how the examination will proceed and the matters to be dealt with at the public hearing.

To see the Initial Comments of the Independent Examiner, please click here to open the relevant document.