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Climate Change

On behalf of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment at Imperial College London, I’d like to share some new resources that you may like to integrate into the climate change-related communications and actions being undertaken by your council. Feel free to link to these resources as necessary on your website or other communications:

- Climate change FAQs – produced in collaboration with our sister institute at Grantham LSE, this new resource brings together expert knowledge on climate science, economics and politics to answer commonly asked questions on the causes and impacts of – and solutions to – climate change

- 9 things you can do about climate change – an online feature of what members of the public can do personally to reduce their impact on climate change. Featured on the Jeremy Vine Radio 2 show, it has had over 30K views in the last few months

- The co-benefits of climate action for the UK – a paper and video outlining how action on climate change can help improve public health, reduce NHS costs, improve energy security, create jobs, and reduce poverty and inequality

I suspect you will also be interested in materials developed by climate change charity Ashden who we have been working in partnership with:

- a local authority toolkit demonstrating how action on climate change can deliver many local benefits, including improved health, increased equity and social cohesion, economic opportunities and increased resilience

- a list of 31 evidence-based actions that local authorities can take to reduce their impact on climate change. Produced in collaboration with Friends of the Earth