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A New Skate Park

Hello, my name is Tom Sharp, myself and a small group of people in Hailsham are trying to get the approval of a skatepark to be built on the Hellingly Roebuck Park recreational ground, this would benefit people of all age groups in Hailsham and Hellingly.

The main reason being preventing younger children having to get a bus to the other side of town just to use these kind of facilities.  A skate park can incorporate biodiversity improvements whilst creating a long term offer to all ages which promotes an active lifestyle and with sports such as BMX and Skateboarding being included in the upcoming Olympics it's only right we encourage people to participate in these types of sports (if they would like to) with the correct places to do so, obviously this is not everyone's cup of tea but with a simple like on the page below and five minutes of your time to go and sign the "change" petition online which is also provided below, it will show the councils how many people would be interested in the idea, thank you for your time.

The Facebook group link:

The all-important petition link: