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  • Discussion Groups

    It is important when producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan that the views of the public are taken into account. In order to achieve this 8 discussion groups have been held, one for each settlement within the Parish and then 4 interest groups; businesses, environmental, community and farmers. A flyer was sent to all households in the Parish inviting attendance at the settlement discussion groups.

    The views that come out of these groups will be used to produce the questionnaire which will be sent to all households in the Parish. The questionnaire and the responses will then be used to develop the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

    The presentation given at each of the groups can be found here.

    The notes from the discussion groups can be found below:

    12.03.16 - Village
    02.04.16 - Lower Dicker
    09.04.16 - Lower Horsebridge
    23.14.16 - Roebuck Park

    01.04.16 - Businesses
    07.04.16 - Environmental
    09.04.16 - Community Groups
    22.04.16 - Farmers