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  • Finance Agendas and Minutes

    The Finance Committee is made up of 8 Councillors, the membership is currently:

    Councillors D White (Chairman), G Hesselgrave (Vice Chairman), J Blake, P Milne, B Short, F Lulham and S Davis. 

    The Finance Committee is responsible for administering all financial and personnel matters together with the Responsible Financial Officer. Duties include ensuring compliance with the Council's Financial Regulations, drafting the draft precept, proposing to Council the grants to be made, carry out the duties of the Council as an employer, maintaining the Council's asset register and arranging appropriate insurance for the Council.

    The Finance Committee generally only meets once a year in order to consider the Council budget, however other meetings will be arranged should they be required.

    Meetings are generally held on Mondays at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  The Agendas will be published at least a week in advance of the meeting and can be found below, or at the time, on the Council noticeboards.  Minutes will be added to the website as soon as they are available, they are however draft minutes until they are agreed at the next meeting.

    03.11.15 - Agenda & Minutes
    14.11.16 - Agenda & Minutes
    20.11.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    2017/18 - Final Accounts Documents
    19.11.18 - Agenda & Minutes


    Next Meeting November 2019