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    Cemetery & Allotments

    Agendas & Minutes

    The Cemetery and Allotments Committee is made up of 7 Councillors, the membership is currently:

    Councillors W Hesselgrave (Chairman), R Chatwin, M Harrington-James, G Hesselgrave, G Ibbotson, P Milne and D White.  In addition the Allotment Supervisor and a representative from the Allotment Society attend the meetings.

    The Committee is responsible for supervising and along with Officers administering the Council's Cemetery and Allotments. They also recommend to Council the fees and charges and the regulations for both the Cemetery and the Allotments.

    A copy of the Bonfire Regulation for tenants can be found here.  Bonfire Regulations

    2019 Proposed Allotment Tenancy Agreement
    2019 Proposed Cemetery Fees

    Committee meetings are always on Mondays at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  The Agendas are always issued on the previous Wednesday, they can be found below, or at the time, on the Council noticeboards.  Minutes will be added to the website as soon as they become available, they are however draft minutes until they are agreed at the next meeting.

    22.06.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    15.09.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    20.04.18 - Agenda & Minutes
    11.09.18 - Agenda & Minutes
    11.03.19 - Agenda & Minutes
    01.07.19 - Agenda & Minutes
    16.03.20 - Agenda & Minutes