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  • Planning and Environment Agendas and Minutes

    The Planning and Environment Committee is made up of 8 Councillors, the membership is currently:

    Councillors G Hesselgrave (Chairman), J Blake (Vice Chairman), S Davis, W Hesselgrave, G Ibbotson, C Jackets, P Strudwick and D White.  

    Planning Applications are decided by Wealden District Council. Hellingly Parish Council is invited to comment on those involving the parish, but does not have any executive power. The monthly meetings of the Planning and Environment Committee, normally held on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Monday of each month at the Village Hall, are open to members of the public, who are always asked whether they wish to address the Committee. Meetings may be subject to cancellation if there is no business to discuss.

    The Planning and Environment Committee Agendas are always issued prior to the meeting and list all applications to be discussed at the meeting.  However, it is sometimes necessary to discuss applications that are received post the publication of the Agenda in order that the Council may submit comments to Wealden District Council by their deadline.  If you are interested in a particular application you should check with the Deputy Clerk whether it is to be discussed at the meeting.  Contact details are: deputyclerk@hellingly-pc.org.uk or 01323 844108.

    The detail of planning applications is available on Wealden District Council’s web site:http://www.planning.wealden.gov.uk or from their offices in Hailsham. 

    Planning applications are considered by Wealden District Council, normally in public.  Anyone wishing to speak for or against an application should contact the Committee by telephoning 01323 443322.

    Agendas and minutes for the meetings can be found below, minutes will be added as soon as they are available, they are however draft until agreed at the next meeting.

    10.05.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    22.05.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    14.06.17 - Cancelled
    26.06.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    12.07.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    24.07.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    21.08.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    13.09.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    25.09.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    11.10.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    23.10.17 - Agenda & Minutes     Please note that Monday’s meeting will be at the SCHOOL ROOM, Stonehouse Farm, Mill Lane 
    08.11.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    27.11.17 - Agenda & Minutes
    18.12.17 - Agenda & Minutes at 7pm
    10.01.18 - Agenda & Minutes - Meeting has been cancelled
    22.01.18 - Agenda & Minutes - Meeting postponed to Monday 29th January 7pm
    29.01.18 - Agenda & Minutes
    14.02.18 - Agenda & Minutes
    26.02.18 - Agenda & Minutes
    14.03.18 - Agenda & Minutes
    26.03.18 - Agenda & Minutes
    11.04.18 - Agenda & Minutes
    23.04.18 - Agenda & Minutes


    Previous Years Agendas and Minutes